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Python Now Available

Update – February 2021

A critical security vulnerability (CVE-2021-3177) that allows for buffer overrun exploits, such as denial of service or the running of malicious code, affects Python 2. As such, we have released a fix for Python 2 as part of our Python 2 End of Life extended support. We have also made the source code available for security experts and open source maintainers to review and incorporate into their projects.

Python Update Image

Perl 5.32.1 Now Available

Update – February 2021

ActiveState has released Perl 5.32.1 which includes memory leak fixes for Data::Dumper, as well as upgrades to DynaLoader, Module::CoreList, Opcode and Safe. This release also includes warnings about evaluating untrusted code with the perl interpreter. 

Create a Perl 5.32.1 runtime environment for your project by selecting “Custom Perl Build”.

Perl 5.32.1 Update Image

Security/CVE Reports via API 

Update – January 2021

Our Build Graph API provides a programmatic interface to the ActiveState Platform you can query to quickly obtain details about your Python or Perl project, as well as access the source code for dependencies in your environment. It will now also provide you with:

  • Number and severity level of all vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Group dependencies by level of vulnerability

The simplest way to check your environment for vulnerabilities is by using our interactive documentation. See how to view vulnerabilities with our Platform.

graphql image







Proactively ensure security of your Python or Perl projects with on-demand security reports.

Security cve reports via api v2

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